Which Tech Tools Do Financial Professionals Use All The Time?

Friday, February 19, 2016 12:33

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Given a list of 12 tech tools for supporting and serving clients, the apps financial professionals say they use all the time are Office 365, their own website, and web meeting software.

Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter are not used all the time by many advisors. In fact, the vast majority of advisors say they don’t use Twitter or Facebook at all.

The most popular app with most advisors is Office 365, with 26% of those surveyed saying they use it all the time. The second app most often cited for being used "all the time" by advisors is their website. That’s surprising. Never would have expected that. 

One of the revealing statistics to emerge from this table is that 88% of advisors say they are not at all using software for conducting webinars. That tells me you need help and education. Webinars are about the best way for advisors to create their own content targeted to their clients and niches. A 30 minute webinar can be turned into numerous blog posts and emails newsletters that can differentiate an advisor. A4A members have work to do in this important area. Let me know if you agree and I will show you how to make webinars and harvest their content to maximize their impact

The other tool underutilized in client engagement and support is a blog. With the Pareto Principle clearly in evidence, less than 20% of those surveyed say they are using this powerful tool for client engagement and support. Few advisors have the discipline and attention span to post a blog once a month, in my experience. I don’t think that will ever change very much because blogging is hard and generating results usually takes months.

These are a few tiny nuggets in a treasure trove of competitive intelligence in survey research A4A is conducting in partnership with GDC Research and Dennis Gallant, an independent market research expert who has studied advisors for over 25 years. We are creating a series of studies providing A4A members with data about practice management and trends in running a professional financial advice practice.
To attend a live webinar session at 4 p.m. ET today or see the results of this in-depth survey of advisor tech preferences and client engagement tools, you must be an advisor and fill in the survey. In exchange for spending 12 minutes giving us your opinions, we’ll give you this 56-slide presentation and script, a $300 value, for free.

This session will cover:
•    Changing client and prospect engagement preferences
•    Perspectives on serving clients remotely through digital tools
•    Use of robo/digital advice
•    Investor receptivity, capabilities and features that are most appealing
•    Digital advice models most likely to succeed
•    Better positioning of advisor practices in the digital marketplace
GDC Research is a research and consulting firm providing actionable and customized solutions for broker dealers, asset managers, banks, insurance firms, and other providers in the financial services marketplace.

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