If Your RIA Is In A Building You Own, Consider Snagging This Drone For $1000

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 23:58

Tags: brand | gadgets | marketing | videos

Why does an RIA need a drone? To get some awesome footage of your building. That's why.


I bought a DJI Phantom drone six or eight months ago and it is great. This model is not hard to fly and has a 4K video camera.


I paid $1150 for it and that was a great deal and now it is on sale for $1000 and $1,078 with a spare battery,which I recommend.


If you own an RIA and a buidling with your name on it, pull the trigger.


When you swoop in and pan across the horizon, your logo and company name is sure to look monolithic. 


Adding that five-second shot to introduce all videos on your webiste is sure to look inspiring and make your firm stand out. It is not hard to do. Let help me know if you need help.


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