Go For The Flow

Monday, May 09, 2016 11:05
Go For The Flow

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My firm has embarked on a rather nebulous goal for his year: flow. Defining "flow" is difficult because it is more of a feeling than a quantifiable benchmark.

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Upon discussion with my team, we came up with the following characteristics of flow:

● Running all operations efficiently and smoothly 
● Creating back-ups and redundancy on all tasks to ensure uninterrupted operations in the event of illness, vacation, or other employee absence
● Efficiently staffing so other employees don't feel burdened when one employee is out and so that an employee taking time off doesn't feel guilty or stressed
● Getting work done well in advance of due dates
● Having time for creativity rather than just routine tasks
● Being proactive with clients - "ahead of the game"
● Having flexibility to close the office on Friday afternoons


All of these characteristics add up to feeling on top of the work, doing a great job for clients, and not feeling overburdened. This is a great goal, but once stated, needed to be translated into specific, measurable sub-goals. This, again, was where team discussion played a part. Not only did the group input result in a list of actionable items, employee participation brought buy-in. 


Our action list is detailed, with specific due dates and assigned team members. It covers areas such as workflows in our CRM, an organized compliance calendar, blog posts and social media, new services, and more. We believe that once we can accomplish our laundry list of mini-goals, we will arrive at flow. 


And, of course, no big goal should go without a celebration. A big group trip after next tax season? We'll see. 

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