Fritz Meyer's Latest Analysis Rated 4.8 Stars

Tuesday, February 09, 2016 19:23
Fritz Meyer's Latest Analysis Rated 4.8 Stars

Fritz Meyer’s latest analysis of the economy is available to A4A members. Fritz received a 4.8-star rating from 123 attendees at the session, and 75 advisors took the time to give us their thoughts on this 70-minute session.

At this session, economist Fritz Meyer, who never talks politics, called out one of the candidates running for President.

We experienced a tech-glitch at the very end of the session.

Fortunately, however, Fritz will cover the point he was making when the outage occured, and he will answer questions submitted by attendees in a new posting to A4A by the end of the week.

As you can guess the the 4.8 rating, Fritz's presentation of the fundamentals facts about what's heppning in the economy remains, indicates how compelling the story of our financial times may indeed turn out to be. 

If Fritz is right, stocks could be headed sideways for some time but eventually fundamentals will win out.

With 2,5% GDP growth expected in 2016, corporate earnings are headed higher.  

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Comments on Fritz's webinar:

  • Need to finish on time. Too much time is spent marketing A4A...I'm already paying the $60 to attend webinars.
  • I hope he's right.
  • Fritz dragged a bit at points.  Probably could have told the story with fewer charts
  • Fritz needs to stay on time and cut some of the redundant charts
  • Excellent
  • Fritz uses statistics from experts he says are usually wrong to make his points
  • Insightful, up-to-date & helpful
  • Always informative and keep my focus on the fundamentals.
  • Modern portfolio theory redefined
  • Excellent as always
  • Always a stunner
  • Another sensational webinar
  • Good job
  • Always great
  • Sorry audio broke down
  • Great
  • Great
  • Great job.
  • Great speaker, has facts to back up his reasons, not opinions.
  • Superb!
  • Fritz is always on his game.  Love these presentations.
  • Fritz was Excellent as always
  • Excellent as always
  • Very generous presentation.
  • Excellent!
  • Great factual information contradicting media speak
  • Very informative, as usual
  • Excellent as usual
  • Great candid overview of the actual economy vs the news media.
  • Outstanding material and presentation.
  • Awesome as always...
  • Good but sound at end cut out
  • Fritz is always interesting but the pace is a bit frantic. Too much information to try and digest in the allotted time.
  • Sorry that there were technical issues, but otherwise very timely
  • Always love Fritz though he says he's not political but it clearly shows through:)
  • I always appreciate Fritz's comparison of the facts w/ what we're being bombarded with - helpful to keep eye on the prize.
  • The webinar was very informative. A lot of information in a short period of time, but all relevant points and observations.
  • Very good - sorry we lost the tail end of the presentation!
  • Timely and excellent, as always.
  • Fritz certainly presents the bullish case well.
  • Super
  • Outstanding. Fritz presents the only seminar where I don't care when it runs over
  • Well done; clearly spoken with useful slides.
  • Great
  • Good as usual
  • Fritz was on point as usual. Very informative, and the material was helpful.
  • Audio failure at end as he got to reits was the only issue.  Also, I have not been able to locate the Q&A section on A4A from his prior calls.
  • Fritz is excellent.  There are some many negative viewpoints, it really helps to hear a constructive side.
  • Insightful and positive, thank you. 
  • I like the matter of fact attitude that Fritz presents.  Here are the facts, maybe you see the indications the same way I see them, is my way of thinking.
  • Very informative, upbeat
  • Too much of a focus on S&P. Way too optimistic.  His data can be disproved over different time ranges and using different measures of value.  Would love to see him debate a bear like Gundlach or Hussman.
  • Very informative and interesting
  • Great job sharing relevant facts
  • Informative.  I would like to hear more of what Fritz has to say regarding managing client expectations as it is hard to continually say to clients you are down X%, but hang in there when there seems to be almost nowhere to hide in this market.
  • Excellent, but I would appreciate Fritz being more time sensitive, as we all have other tasks to complete, and at 1 hour and 20 minutes, it is difficult to remain for entire presentation
  • Would be better to not try to cover so much.  Also would be good to have a live Q&P session.
  • Quite useful.  Quite fast & cut off at end.
  • I like Fritz but he seems like an eternal optimist. I can look at the exact same graph as Fritz and come up with a different conclusion.
  • Always effective
  • Fritz is always good.  I would like to see some new slides every now and then.  There are about 4-50 that we see every month.  A few new ones, especially at the beginning would be nice.
  • Deeper detail than i've seen in other economic presentations on the reasons behind a positive outlook for 2016.
  • Good information but this webinar needed to be a bit longer. Too much material & not enough time.  But good information as always!
  • Found it informative. Like the statistical data views
  • Great as always
  • Very good.  It would be nice if the presentation could start on time without the extra commentary/sales pitch from the other gentleman at the beginning.
  • One of the best features of Fritz' presentations are the analysis and refutation (not sure that's a word) of the WSJ and other articles which often as well as calling out the supposed "experts" and talking heads in the media who are so often wrong. I think it's true that if you didn't listen to Fritz, you'd think the world was coming to an end with all the bad news bears coming out of hibernation. Thanks for a fresh and less biased approach to economic analysis.
  • I think Fritz was good, however, seems to be married to the fact that our economy is good and basically ignoring the labor participation rate.  He mentioned it but didn't mention it's significance.  Also, the deficit means very little, it is the total country debt that is killing us. Too many politicos use the deficit to their advantage. Our debt is about $19T, interest on that will be un-affordable with any significant rate increases.
  • Very good
  • As I watch more and more of Fritz's presentations, i've come to appreciate that he doesn't talk so much about his opinion but rather present the facts and let them speak for themselves.  Honestly, it gives me more confidence in my recommendations to my clients and I can back up my statements with facts,
  • Excellent and broad based complete econ update!  Love it!
  • It was wonderful.  Not only did  he provide some optimism in this volatile time, but he backed it up with facts and slides we can relay in client discussions.  Pace was perfect, moved along at a good clip but not too fast to follow.
  • Here's my issue - Fritz was still talking at 5:20pm.  He even said at 5:10pm that he was going to go 5 more minutes and stay within 50 minutes.  At that moment he had already gone 60.  He content is great - he needs to find a way to pare it back.  Also on a substantive note, bottoms up earnings estimates are notoriously too high (I used to manage a sell-side research dept.) So his P/E based on that is too low.  One unrelated question:  can we use that CFP ethics link after July 1, when my new cycle starts? 
  • It is always so reassuring to hear Fritz every month to counteract all of the "pundits of pessimism" that we hear every day!  Thanks for being an island of sanity in a sea of chaos.


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