CFP Ethics Class And Quiz Now Available

Friday, February 19, 2016 12:57

CFP Ethics Class And Quiz Now Available

The CFP ethics class is now available online 24/7.

If you are an A4A member, the CFP Ethics class is $40. That's in addition to the $60 you pay now for A4A's weekly continuing education series.

If you are new to A4A, it's $80 a year to take the CFP ethics class and meet the CFP ethics requirement every two years and have 24/7 access to A4A's weekly continuing education programming.

If you only want the CFP ethics class and do not want access to A4A's weekly continuing education for CFP professionals, please use the $50 price plan.

Sign up here for the CFP Ethics Class.





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So I purchased the CFP Ethics Class for 2016. The page says it is now available but I can't find it. Please tell me how to access it. Thanks
CAMBdrn , February 20, 2016
The checkmarks about make it look like the $40 and $80 options are the same.
mjhprep , February 27, 2016
Thanks for your help. The $40 subscription is for existing A4A members.

The $80 subscription is for those who do NOT already have an A4A subscription.

The subscription module we're using won't let us prorate an existing A4A membership and that's why we're doing it this way.

The software also charges the $40 in two $20 annual installments instead of a one-time $40 purchase.

We're addressing these glitches and should have them fixed in about six weeks.

The content of the ethics class is strong. We delayed publication for many weeks making the graphical portion of the ethics class more engaging.

The goal is to make the ethics class an easy-to-consume part of the continuing professional education process for CFP designees.

There is good work to be done in this area.
agluck , February 27, 2016
@CAMBdrn, please click the link, "Sign up here for the 2016 CFP Ethics Class," which is above.

Or copy and paste this in your browser:

Please let me know how it goes and what we need to do to make it better. Thanks.
agluck , February 27, 2016
I completed the CFP ethics course on Friday (Jan 3, 2017). Even though I immediately received notice that I had passed and it showed the 2 questions that I had missed, I did not receive any other confirmation, email nor otherwise. How do I notify the CFP board I have completed this requirement? My registration expires the end of this month and the only thing pending for me to renew is this ethics course.
bswaim , February 06, 2017
We will be submitting the recently completed Ethics course CFPs for CE credit distribution shortly, so you should see your Ethics credits in your CFP account before the end of February.
bresnik , February 16, 2017
I also signed up but unable to find it.
ddegroote , April 10, 2017
Mr. Gluck,
I have completed the CFP Ethics training on 2/11/2017. Please report it to the CFP. I have provided the proof of completion to you in the email.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
IGORZEY , April 14, 2017
Could i please get a response to my inquiry a week ago?
IGORZEY , April 20, 2017
Igor, your request was sent to A4A support. Please always email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for support. Also, see the FAQ. Thanks!
agluck , April 20, 2017

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